2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup Fixture

2017 FIFA Under 17 World Cup Fixture/Schedule 
All matches are played in IST.
Group A
6th October
17:00 Colombia vs Ghana at New Delhi
20:00 India vs United States at New Delhi

9th October
17:00 Ghana vs United States at New Delhi
20:00 India vs Colombia at New Delhi

12th October
20:00 Ghana vs India at New Delhi
20:00 United States vs Colombia at Navi Mumbai

Group B
6 October 2017
17:00 New Zealand vs Turkey at Navi Mumbai
20:00 Paraguay vs Mali at Navi Mumbai

9 October 2017
17:00 Turkey vs Mali at Navi Mumbai
20:00 Paraguay vs New Zealand at Navi Mumbai

12 October 2017
17:00 Turkey vs Paraguay at Navi Mumbai
17:00 Mali vs New Zealand at New Delhi

Group C
7 October 2017
17:00 Germany vs Costa Rica at Margao
20:00 Iran vs Guinea at Margao

10 October 2017
17:00 Costa Rica vs Guinea at Margao
20:00 Iran vs Germany at Margao

13 October 2017
17:00 Costa Rica vs Iran at Margao
17:00 Guinea vs Germany at Kochi

Group D
7 October 2017
17:00 Brazil vs Spain at Kochi
20:00 North Korea vs Niger at Kochi

10 October 2017 
17:00 Spain vs Niger at Kochi
20:00 North Korea vs Brazil at Kochi

13 October 2017
20:00 Spain vs North Korea at Kochi
20:00 Niger vs Brazil at Margao

Group E 
8 October 2017
17:00 New Caledonia vs France at Guwahati
20:00 Honduras vs Japan at Guwahati

11 October 2017
17:00 France vs Japan at Guwahati
20:00 Honduras vs New Caledonia at Guwahati

14 October 2017
17:00 France vs Honduras at Guwahati
17:00 Japan vs New Caledonia at Kolkata

Group F
8 October 2017 
17:00 Chile vs England at Kolkata 
20:00 Iraq vs Mexico at Kolkata

11 October 2017 
17:00 England vs Mexico at Kolkata
20:00 Iraq vs Chile at Kolkata

14 October 2017 
20:00 England vs Iraq at Kolkata
20:00 Mexico vs Chile at Guwahati

Knockout Stage
16th October
17:00 M37 Colombia vs Germany at New Delhi
20:00 M38 Paraguay vs United States at New Delhi

17 October 2017
17:00 M39 Iran vs Mexico at Margao
17:00 M40 France vs Spain at Guwahati
20:00 M41 England vs Japan at Kolkata
20:00 M42 Mali vs Iraq at Margao

18 October 2017
17:00 M43 Ghana vs Niger at Navi Mumbai
20:00 M44 Brazil vs Honduras at Kochi

Quarter Finals
21 October 2017
17:00 Q1 Ghana vs Mali at Guwahati
20:00 Q2 United States vs England at Margao

22 October 2017
17:00 Q3 Spain vs Iran at Kochi
20:00 Q4 Germany  vs Brazil at Kolkata

25 October 2017
17:00 Brazil vs England at Kolkata
20:00 Mali vs Spain at Navi Mumbai

Third and Fourth place:
28 October 2017 
17:00 Brazil vs Mali at Kolkata

28 October 2017
20:00 England vs Spain
 at Kolkata

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